Amsterdam – The Perfect Five

I am back with a new blog,”The Perfect Five“. This title came to my mind b’coz it was a cocktail of our 5th visit to Amsterdam (favourite destination) during the 5th month of this year to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary.

We, the two crazy travel craving souls, have always loved Amsterdam the most. May be it is in its air…the liveliness, the party-spirit, the smiling faces, ever so nice museums. Everything is so good about the city.

The city hotels being sold out, we booked a shared BnB accommodation. We were delighted that we could get a place to  stay at and a little skeptical of how our experience would be in a BnB-accommodation.

Finally after four hours and thirty minutes of evening drive, we reached the given address. To our surprise, the room was excellently clean, new set-up, one of the posh localities, and just 17 minutes from the city centre by Metro or as they say “snelbahn”.
The man who owned the apartment was present at the door and was really helpful in providing us with the transport information and the timings , the city map, the metro time-table and the emergency contact numbers.
After checking in, we directly headed to the Metro station, that was almost 10 minutes nice walk from our place, and took the Snelbahn (and a bus connection) to Leidseplein.

Leidseplein, for me, is the most happening part of the city. Centrally located, well connected, one can find restaurants of almost fifteen different cuisines there.
We tried Argentinian Cuisine and were all for it. With nice music being played in the background, I could see the look of sated tastebuds on my husband’s face while he was relishing the steaks…they were so lecker that he looked up from the platter only after gulping everything down into his tummy.
We headed towards our apartment after enjoying our dinner

The interesting thing about staying in a shared BnB apartment is that, one gets to meet many new people from other countries and other cultures. There were two more families staying in the other rooms of the apartment.
The next morning, before checking-out, we had an opportunity to sit together, at one breakfast table, and speak to one another about the visits and travel histories.

From our very first visit, we have always wanted to go to the Heineken Experience.
This trip was specially taken with just one motive …the heineken experience.

The Heineken Experience….all that I have to say is that “there is no greater experience that to get brewed and bottle your own“. Right from the entrance to the exit, everything was just perfect. We got the Heineken beer bottle with our names printed, and learnt the right way of tasting beer. All through my last 31 years, I had been all but a beer drinker. It used to taste bitter every-time I tried a small sip. But….the Heineken Experience got me Converted (when they explained the right technique of tasting a beer).


And now, the Heineken fan club has one more addition.

We had ,later , Chinese food for our lunch at one of our favourite Chinese Restaurants on Leidseplein.

My personal opinion is that a trip to Amsterdam is incomplete without shoe-shopping and I do strongly believe “A sole knows its prospective soul-foot much before a girl finds her shoes“.

And with all that done, the short, crisp, fun -filled trip came to an end when we started to drive back towards our home.

P.S.-This was a self-paid trip and none of the part of the trip was sponsored.

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