Our Colourful Life…

“Hey! sis, you never let me read your diary and now the whole world can flip through its pages.” reacted my brother when I shared with him about me starting to blog. I call this aspect, a new colour of life. I am a person who loves life and thereby its colors too.  Being born and brought up in a diverse land, India, there has never been a scarcity of colours.

Girls add colour to their lives with henna application.


Be it spring, or autumn or winters or summers….whether you are inside or outside…sleeping or awake… colors have always been a part of our daily life. 1016576_10152310368676286_4327515702281744134_n 15412_10152208644946286_4408957117432279291_n

Colours are often associated with season. I have read about different seasons, but it is only after I came to Europe that I realised it being so stark. It is extremely enchanting to witness the change of seasons here. Think winters, and black, brown, and deep shades of blues come to our minds.

unlimited shades of nature I

Come Spring, and we realise that the world offers a lot in terms of colours.

Colorful Creativity (I have used a colourful pop-corn bucket from Cineplex Mannheim to add colour to an otherwise greyish winter season)
Colorful Creativity (I have used a colourful pop-corn bucket from Cineplex Mannheim to add colour to an otherwise greyish winter season)

Beautiful flowers in different colors bring new hopes and new lives, generate new ideas. The grey world, suddenly, is framed into a beautiful painting where the colors get filled in the sketch-lines created by the autumn and the winter.


And the palette is then supported by summer season. CoL_Mysore

Associating colors with festivals, occasions, professions, feelings and things has been there since the inception the world. People do a lot include and balance colors in their lives. A ‘festival of colors’, new colourful lights and bulbs for interior decorations, making us aware of a particular ‘color’ by declaring it the ‘color of the year’ are just the starting steps towards making us understand the importance of colors in our lives.


Let’s try to bring at least one person from darkness unto light and balance the color spectrum that makes our lives worth living!!!

Thank you readers. I hope that you enjoyed reading this colourful post.

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