London – “For the Love of your jeans girl,…”

“For the love of your jeans girl, stop eating.” I said to myself yesterday, when I was trying to slid into my new pair of jeans.

A spontaneous trip, to explore the city on a completely different parameter: a culinary delight.

Day 1:It was a Saturday evening and we started our culinary expedition with T.G.I.Friday’s (an American  cuisine bar and restaurant) Covent Garden. A T.G.I.Fridays is something that we really miss having it in our city of residence. They quote it always right “In here, it’s always  Friday”. While being in wait, we enjoyed our yummy drinks at the cocktail bar and then later our scrumptious dinner.


FullSizeRender FullSizeRender 2

DAY 2:We have heard of a mini India, Southall area,  in London. So that was undoubtedly our next stop.


After getting down from a double-decker bus, we saw something interesting. The Southall Mela. It has been almost 20 years, since I visited a Mela (fair). So we thought of giving it a chance. It looked very similar to the faint memories that I have of a Mela.  There were many stalls selling food, clothes, a stage for live performance and some swings for the kids. What caught our attention was the stall that was serving fresh tikkas.


We moved on from the Mela, towards the main street. And this is what that we relished at a restaurant called Chandni Chowk.

Golgappas-fried balls with spicy water and chickpea chutney
Golgappas-fried balls with spicy water and chickpea chutney
Samosa Chaat and Paapri Chaat
Samosa Chaat and Paapri Chaat
Sweet Lassi- sweet yoghurt with pistachios
Sweet Lassi- sweet yoghurt with pistachios

After finger-licking all the above, it seemed practically impossible for us to move. However, we thought of going back to our hotel in Fulham Broadway , give our bloated tummies some pause, and then restart our explorations.

As the sun signalled of entering into the last phase of the day, we headed towards the Parker Street for Guanabara, a Brazilian Music venue. It is one of the best Brazilian themed venue that I have been to so far. A stage for live band, nice music, dance floor,  a bar…in short everything was very enchanting there.

FullSizeRender copy

The drinks that we had there, are now on the list of favourites. The best thing , in our opinion, about this place is that even if you know not how to dance, the spirit of the lively atmosphere instills in yourself a certain unbeatable desire to hit the dance floor.

After trying a li’l moving and grooving to the Brazilian music and some nice cocktails, we went to Maxwell’s, Covent Garden, for the last appetite of the day.

IMG_5783 IMG_5784

Heineken love

I have all good things to say about Maxwell’s. Great food, friendly staff and superb ambience. What else one needs when on a culinary expedition.

While on our way back, we saw a Chinese cuisine restaurant.

DAY 3:Next day, it certainly was our halt. The tempting vegetarian fried noodles and the prawns were on our hit list.

IMG_5849 IMG_5846

The luscious chicken and mushroom dumplings need a special mention.

The closer we were approaching towards the departure of our flight, the more enthusiasm for our never-ending food expedition was cocooning us all over.

Last but not the least, we thought of closing our trip on a sweet note. It was an Italian restaurant on the James Street, Osteria Ambrosia, with a wonderful ambience and an awesome selection of desserts.


On the whole, it was a very nice tempting delightful appetising tasteful yummy scrumptiously ambrosial trip.

Thank you readers. I hope you enjoyed reading this.

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