Romancing the Skies of Switzerland- I

“Even the blue skies of Switzerland are so differently coloured that one cannot help but get lost in the picturesque landscape.” I said to my husband as we drove through this mystically photogenic, naturally beautiful country.

I have mentioned earlier that our drive from Heidelberg to Rome was ‘interesting’ in my post ‘Rome was certainly not build in one day‘. The interesting part comes in this mystical land.

The whole drive through Switzerland was fascinating, however, what made us wonderstruck and stop by the side of the Autobahn and capture the beauty in our camera was Beckenried.

TIP: Please do not stop on side lane of the Autobahns to click pictures or else you will end up paying huge fines.

The three pictures that costed us almost seventy euros parking fine need a special mention here.

route 3 route 4

route 6

En-route, was Zurich, where we gave our arms a stretch and our tummy a yummy schnitzel treat.

zurich 1

Then we as we headed towards Italy, we were lost in this beautiful lake side village of Beckenried.

beckenried 5 beckenried 3

beckenried 7 beckenried 6

We, wanting not to leave this village too soon, gave ourselves a treat again at Restaurant Rössli. Their lecker vegetarian soup with lilac garnish is a must try.

Beckenried is also the starting point of the longest cable car that takes one up to the Klewenalp, another jewel in the crown.

beckenried 13

Travel to beautiful places, teaches us to fight against our fears. Until then, I always have panicked going up in a cable car, but my desire to appreciate this beautiful scene even more, subsided my fears. And we took the Cable car up the hill.

beckenried 12 beckenried 14 beckenried 17 beckenried 16

route 2 beckenried 19

The place is so amazing that we still remain enchanted with its beauty, and every time when we drive through this route, we ensure ourselves taking a halt at Beckenried, without fail.

Thank you readers! I hope you enjoyed exploring this hidden jewel in the Swiss crown.

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