Cakeology II

A friend with her almost three-year old princess came to invite us for her li’l one’s birthday. And when they left, the only views in the history-icon of our television that we had were the Peppa Pig series 😉

Readers, to my surprise, I had never imagined the small details that these cute little sweet angels look for. It was her third birthday celebration party and this doll wanted all the decoration in Peppa Pig theme. That’s so cool. It was awesome to watch her explain how and what kind of decoration she was looking forward to.

So I thought that nothing could be better than baking a Peppa Pig cake for the little doll.

Here comes the Peppa Pig Cake.


It is a simple pineapple-mango-choco cake with Peppa Pig theme on the top.

I felt so exhilarated to find this little bundle of joy jumping with a huge smile on her face when she saw the this cake. “My birthday, my Peppa Pig, my friends”…were the words that came from here sweet mouth. Hugging her I said “may you stay this happy all through your life. God bless you!”

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  1. Richa Garg says:

    Waao Hima, amazzzzing page!!! Love it!! Great Work!!!!


    1. Thanks a tonne Richa! I hope to keep you engaged with such stuff in future too:)


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