Hallmark of Luxury

The hallmark of luxury, a symbol of romanticism, a heaven on earth, an inspiration to many that is what Neuschwanstein Castle is.


A perfect fairy-tale castle which has been an inspiration to one of our childhood favourite Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty. Hardly, in my childhood, would I have imagined that there exists an original piece of marvellous art, architecture and technology until I visited the Neuschwanstein Castle in Hohenschwangau, Germany.



This nineteenth century Castle is as amazing from inside as splendid it is from outside. The castle is located on a rough hill, out of the few options available to reach the castle, we selected a horse cart ride uphill and walking downhill.

Apart from the structural grandeur, it included the latest technical invention of its time. There is a battery-powered bell system, telephone lines, an automatic flushing system, and a central heating system with options for hot and cold running water.

Inside, it has many ceremonial rooms, hall of the singers, throne hall, dining room, bedroom, drawing rooms with lots of interesting murals, tapestry and handcrafted works. The use of camera is prohibited inside the castle. So no photographs for the interiors.


The surroundings of the castle are very interesting too. There is Marienbrücke, a spot for photographs, a trekking trail, another castle and a river.

All amidst nature, with a beautiful castle in the background, one feels on the top of the world.

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