K3G: Khumb Kofta Kurry Gourmet OR Fried Mushroom Balls in spicy Tomato Sauce.

Okay…okay..I agree to have twisted the spelling of curry just to give this dish a fancy Bollywood style name.

Khumb or mushroom dishes are one of the vegetables (as I would prefer to call them) that we relish. There are countless things that we do with a mushroom and one of them is making Koftas (fried balls).

Here follows the recipes.

It takes maximum of 30 minutes from preparation to the final garnishing. Except for frying, the entire dish is cooked on medium-low heat (scale 4). Frying of the mushroom balls was done on heat scale 7 (medium to high).

This recipe serves for 2 portions.

I started with cleaning and grating 100 gms mushrooms, 50gms Cottage Cheese, half an inch ginger, one small onion.

TIP:If you are grating the onions, please take care to squeeze out all the water. Another option is to chop the onion finely (as shown in the picture).


In the next step, I have mixed all the above in a ball adding only a pinch of salt.

TIP:adding too much salt or any other spice will make mushrooms leave water.

Meanwhile I have prepared the wok with oil for frying the koftas.

Addition of egg to the mixture helps in binding all the ingredients together and forming  it into the balls using the palms of our hands.

TIP:If you want to avoid using eggs, all-purpose flour can also be used as an alternative.

egg-yolk for binding the mixture together
egg-yolk for binding the mixture together

TIP: Please ensure that the kofta balls are smooth or else, they will tear out while frying.

Each ball is then slowly slid into the wok of hot oil.

mushroom koftas being fried
mushroom koftas being fried

While the koftas are getting fried (turn dark-golden in color), I have prepared the spicy sauce.

For sauce, I have used 3 medium-sized tomatoes chopped and 2 buds of garlic.

In another wok, I have added a tea-spoon of vegetable oil. Once the oil is hot, I have added a pinch of cumin seeds, grated garlic, chopped tomatoes (and chopped green chillies- optional) with salt to taste and a pinch of red chilli powder.


It is let to cook for almost 15 minutes till the mixture and the oil are separated.

The glazing of the above mixture is done with one table-spoon cream. Once, the mixture is cooked, it is ground using a mixer-grinder.

The sauce is, then, cooked again using half a glass of water.

the sauce
the sauce

I have boiled the sauce multiple times to give it a more intense flavour and thickness. Also, half a tea-spoon garam masala, a pinch of cinnamon powder is added to the sauce before the addition of water.

Once, the sauce is cooked, it is poured over the mushroom koftas kept in a serving dish.


A little garnishing with some coriander leaves (chopped) and de-seeded slit green chilli (optional) adds an absolute eye-appeal to this flavourful dish.

the final look
the final look

K3G ‘Khumb Kofta Kurry’ when had with plain boiled rice and sliced onions makes it a complete gourmet.

Thank you readers. I hope that you like the recipe.

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