Cakeology III

The latest addition to Cakeology is a chocolate-cherry cream cake with ever-so-interesting theme.

Yes, you guessed it right…’the shopping queen cake‘.


IMG_6323 IMG_6324

This surprise cake was an absolute hit in the party.




Thank you readers! I hope that you enjoyed reading this post.


This is my first blog and I think nothing can be better than to starting something new on a sweet note. So folks, “my bake-a-cake journey” is about to begin and entertain you all.

It all started two years ago when I moved along with my husband to Germany. Being in a new country, amongst new people and more interestingly a new language , I found a new passion in baking (courtesies my husband, who relishes the cakes baked by me).

The first step forward in this direction was due to our usual disagreement of whether going out in the sun on a nice summer day or to stay inside and watch some sitcom.


And people, after joyfully relishing this cake we went out for  a nice hike.

The success of this experiment gave me more confidence to try baking some more cakes.

Now follows the one that I baked…

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