Back with a Bang!

Hello folks! I know it has been quite some time since I have updated any post on this blog. Many things have been happening around us until the weekend that just went by. And now comes the time to relax and start posting the experiences that my husband and I have had during the last two months.

It all started with my husband’s (Amit) birthday. He wanted to enter into the day partying and ending the day on a sober note. You guessed it right…celebration in the house, so CAKES have to be there. And towards the evening was PENUMBRA (a contemporary dance form organised in a Tower of the Heidelberg Castle.


Next in the line was a baby-shower surprise party of a friend. I, until then, had no idea that the baby showers could be so much fun-filled.


The third in the row was our trip to the USA. It included extensive travels, visiting different cities, getting ourselves aware of the natural history and the prospective  technological developments, trying out in-numerous cuisines. Last but definitely not  the least was a shopping-spree on the avenues of New York.


And finally, this weekend was a trip to Sankt Leon golf-grounds where the finals of the Solheim Cup 2015 was being played. Amit loves playing golf so he was extremely excited about it. And me, I loved the feel of being there…watching the matches live, right in front of our eyes, meeting a few international players and relishing the finger-licking food…every moment was awesome.

FullSizeRender 2

My dear readers, now you can expect a lot of action on this blog in the coming days.

Love you all!

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