Cakeology V

…As the evening ended, while Amit drove towards our home, I, sitting next to him,  hoped of dreaming the Genie again to complete his last sentence.

Last but not the least, a day in ‘ts phase three, smileth visages b’coz of thee ……”

I am back as promised with my version of the third part of this dream sequence. The initial versions started with a sweet delight ,why leave the third behind.

A friend had been planning to organise a baby-shower surprise party for another friend. For me it was another opportunity to put my imagination into a cake.


The baby-shower party was scheduled for the evening, the third phase of the day. As the cake was unveiled, the sweet smiles on the faces around were elating. Again, I credit google search for the theme-idea. It was a marble cake with alternating layers of fresh pineapple and chocolate chunks.

Though my wish to dream of Genie again has not come true yet I think my interpretations of the dream sequence have been delightful.

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