Festivities I- Navratri Celebrations

October…last week…aeeeeeend that means the festive season has already started. This is the most awaited time of the year, at least for us Indians. With multitude of festivals, special gourmet meals become a part and parcel of this flavourful season.

Navratri (meaning ‘nine’ ‘nights’) marks the beginning of this vibrant season. And the yen to celebrate the festivals, from one’s own country, becomes more intense especially when one resides in a land far far away from the home country.

Navratri represents the celebration of Goddess Amba. Nine forms of Mother Goddess Shakti are worshipped during these nine days. India being a big diverse land, so the festival is celebrated in different ways through out the country. Many people observe fast for all the nine days, and others would prefer having only the vegetarian meals during Navratri.

However, for us, Navratri are more a feast, a vegetarian feast. Here I present our (Amit and mine) photo essay on Navratri celebrations, that we have a been part of, this year.

 a table spread of nine different vegetarian dishes (without onions, garlic and alcohol)
a table spread of nine different vegetarian dishes

It was a multicolour menu in lines with the spirit of the festival. It included (yellow) boiled corns with paprika powder sprinkled on top, (orange) potatoes in yoghurt gravy, (purple) fried brinjals with yogurt topping, (grey) buckwheat- bread/kuttu ki poori, (white) tapioca mixture/ sabudana khichdi, (red) juice, (gold) ginger ale, (blue) blue-berry yoghurt and (pink) strawberries.

photoshot from another angle
cranberry juice, ginger ale shots and blue berry yoghurt waiting to be relished
coconut and sprinkles coated chilled strawberries served as a light flavourful dessert at the end of the feast
coconut and sprinkles coated chilled strawberries served as a light flavourful dessert
the strawberry vase
the strawberry vase

Every year in Frankfurt, there is a large-scale celebration of the Navratri starting with Garba (a form of dance) , Arti (a form of prayer), dinner, and Dandia raas (a dance-form with small colourful sticks in both hands). When in Germany during the navratris, we always look forward to this event.

celebrations in Frankfurt
celebrations in Frankfurt
us in traditional attire
we both in ethnic attire

The whole atmosphere there is always so brimming with energy and happiness that it pulls everybody in to dance and celebrate the power (Shakti) within.

Thank you readers!

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