Venice: the floating city of masques and more!

“We can not just ignore Venice specially when it is en-route to our this year’s summer destination. It will be our stop-over for this trip. Decided! ” Venice is one of those cities where I would like to go every year. For me there is something enchanting in its whole atmosphere- like its rock solid at one second and fluid the other, warm at one and pleasantly cool at the other, bright golden glittery under the sun and at peace calm and white under moonlight. It is a wholesome destination in itself.

So I managed to add Venice to the list of our summer plans and we finally started off for the same on a seemingly never-ending driving tour to the whole of Italy and back home.

It was my first summer trip to Venice. The last time I was here, it was an unimaginable winter for a city like this, and then only I had decided for myself that Venice needs to be visited again in Summers.

en route 1en route 2There are many options for accommodation available. On our last trip, we stayed in a hotel in Mestre. Mestre is one of the urban areas of the mainland of Venice. However, one needs to take some mode of transport to reach the main tourist attractions. Therefore, this time we booked ourselves a hotel, Venice Resorts, in Santa Croce, across the bridge, which is just a few steps away from the main attractions.

venice resortsVenice Resorts offer well appointed classic elegant rooms that are fully equipped for relaxation. Most of the tourist attractions being around the hotel, we could easily come back for rest and step-out again in the evenings.

On this trip, I wanted to explore more of the city, its streets and restaurants as I have already been to the tourists attractions the last time.

The streets of Venice are like a maze and the fun is to walk, explore and ace this maze.


ace the maze 11

ace the maze 2

Venice never fails to surprise its visitors with its creativity, craftsmanship, hand crafted items, masques, glass work, architecture, music, gondolas or history.

ace the maze 1

ace the maze 17

ace the maze 8

In the vicinity of the Grand Canal, there are many restaurants that offer both inside and outside seating with a panoramic view. We stopped for lunch at Caffe Saraceno, the same where we had dinner four years ago. This cafe offers as amazing a selection of drinks as it offers  a choice for food. The appealing interiors, scrumptious dishes, with multiple varieties of drinks are  value add-ons to the idea of getting lost in the city of maze. In addition, the knowledgeable and friendly staff make one feel like a king.

cafe saraceno 1

cafe saraceno 3

cafe saraceno 2

cafe saraceno 4

A small stroll through the town to our hotel back, after having our lunch, was quite interesting to get ourselves ready for an evening in Venice.

ace the maze 10

ace the maze 6

After some shopping and and having our dinner and drinks at Hard Rock Cafe, we returned to our hotel early in the evening to rejuvenate ourselves for an exhilarating drive to the serene Sorrentine Peninsula the next day.

ace the maze 16

hard rock cafe 1

ace the maze 19

ace the maze 20





Thank you readers!






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