Sorrento: a gourmet

The Sorrentine Peninsula, named after one of its very popular touristic town Sorrento, was the next stop during our long Italian summer vacations. The peninsula is located in the southern Italy with Lattari Mountains forming its geographical backbone and the enchanting Amalfi coast that lies to its south.


The location of Sorrento acts like a thread connecting all the dazzling places around and it left us spellbound. Amalfi coast, Marina Grande, Piazza Tasso, Via San Cesario, Capri are very conveniently accessible from Sorrento. Moreover, it appears that this town  never sleeps. Nightlife of Sorrento is also the one to experience after having the whole day spent in one of the beautiful locations above.

As you already know through my earlier posts, that staying in a rental apartment in Europe is the best way to experience the local culture while on vacations. So, this time as well we booked ourselves a B&B apartment, D Apartments Sorrento, and we would definitely prefer to stay in the same apartment on all our future trips to Sorrento. It is a very well-appointed apartment, with free wi-fi connectivity and a car park (of a supermarket) available across the road.


There is never a scarcity of food in Sorrento. It seems that the town has something or the other to offer to satiate one ‘s hunger 24X7.

Our absolute favourite, Toasteria Italiana, is a must try. With huge selection of amazing toasts, it offers choice for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, along with Fresh Fruit Juices and their different combinations, this restaurant has already found its new admirers in us. On the same trip, we have been its repeat guests for breakfasts. Capri toasts, Napoli toasts, Ace, Gustosa, and Vivace were our favourite breakfast items here.


Kontatto Cafe, Sorrento, offers a good selection for brunch and dinner. This cafe with Italian , mediterranean cuisines is one of the good choices for brunches and evening dinners. We have been there for brunch.




Pizzeria Aurora, situated in the main square of Sorrento, offers almost fifty different types of pizzas. All the dishes on the menu, in addition to pizzas, are inexplicably delicious. I could hold myself to take the photographs for my vegetarian soup and another grilled-vegetables dish but could not control for a second more once the pizza arrived on our table.  Hmmm! hungry blogger 😉



Monnalisa Ristorante and Bar is one of the best places to enjoy drinks and desserts. Flavoured Tiramisu,  creatively garnished Panna Cota, and a huge glass of ice cream makes the evening even more flavourful.





It becomes almost impossible not to end up buying Limoncello. The lemony fragrance and Limoncello seem omnipresent. Apart from Limoncello being available in multiple flavours, the town also offers its special wines and grappas.

The city-centre too has a good selection of the most famous ‘made in Italy’ brands. Italian-made hand bags, perfumes, handcrafted leather items are a few additions to the above list. Corner Shop is one of our favourites to shop for Limoncello, wines and other speciality products.

Corner shop

All in all, I would quote that Sorrento is paradise for food lovers and shopaholics.


Connoisseurista’s tips for the Sorrentine Peninsula:

*Keep Sorrento as your base when planning a trip to the Sorrentine peninsula, Capri and the Amalfi coast.

*Car park is undoubtedly expensive. So, be prepared for shelling out your bills into the parking ticket machine.

*Hiring a rental scooter is always the best option for couples or friends to cover the whole coastline.

*Shopping is inevitable.

*Last and the most important, Sorrento is a paradise for food lovers-indulge yourselves in yummiest food, desserts and in the flavours of Limoncello.



Have you been to Sorrento? What did you like the most in the Sorrentine Peninsula?

Is Limoncello also your favourite drink like mine?















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