Imagine a collision!

Now imagine a collision between a mountain and a sea!

And the denouement is a picturesque exotic location embracing miniscule coves, cliffs and crystalline water.

Although an exclusive vacation to Capri would do justice, yet a day’s trip or a few hours (from Sorrento or Naples) on this spectacular island could also be a good idea.

On recommendation of the apartment owner (D Apartments in Sorrento,), a visit to Marina Grande, Marina Piccolo, Blue Grotto and the town of Anacapri, all on the island of Capri, added on the top of our next day’s to-do list.

Its noon, already.” Heavens! that was when we woke up after partying hard the whole night and celebrating Amit’s birthday. So, in one hour, we hurriedly rushed towards the ticket office to catch the “whatever is available to take us to Capri and bring us back the same day“.

We reached Capri around half past two and had only a few hours in hand. Instead of going around the whole island, we directly went to its pebbly beach with crystal water, colourful loungers and umbrellas, and nice cafe.

The Island of Capri is an amazing place for celebrity spotting, fragrances and couture shopping and experiencing the scenic funicular.


Connoisseurista’s tips for the Island of Capri:

*Plan at-least a day’s trip to Capri or even staying overnight in Capri gives the best opportunity to explore the island.

*Always check the weather and the sea-tides before booking a boat-trip to Blue Grotto.

*Experiencing the funicular and a visit to Anacapri should never be scrapped off from your list.

*Shopping is inevitable.

*Last but not the least, set an alarm so that you wake up on time (unlike your blogger here 😉  ) to catch a morning ferry to this beautiful, serene, and  out-of-the-world island.



Have you been to the Island of Capri? Do you have an interesting story to share?



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