Super Moon 2016

Super Moon or as I would call it the Brightest moon of the fall!

When there is a Super Moon phenomenon taking place during the fall, it becomes the nature’s pleasant treat for our eyes with this beautiful melange of colors and bright light. It was yesterday evening, a small peek outside through the windows of our living room that I time-travelled back to my childhood sneaky peeky days where I would listen to the fairy tales (narrated by our mother and grand mother)  and would  get drifted away in the self-imagined beautiful backdrop related to the scene. (Now I think I was not the only one …there have been others too in the band who have given their imagination a pictorial depiction through movies like Cinderella , Hansel and Gretel).

So without any delay, I had stepped out putting on myself the down feather jacket while setting the camera mode with one hand and trying to gulp the last sip of my spanish hot chocolate from the second.

Here are a few pictures of the fall colors and the super moon taken from various angles at different places.


After being a witness to this beautiful phenomenon, my infinite admiration for nature and its never ending abundance of surprising awestrucking events knows no bounds now.


Thank you dear readers. Do you also happen to get kindled when you hear of such rare natural phenomena? Have you been following the Super Moon events too?


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