Cakeology VIII

“Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in the conspiracy of love for cakes“…though I have added the last two words to the original quote by Hamilton Wright Mabie, yet in essence Christmas is all about celebrating love together with our families and close friends and relishing cakes.

In 2016, I again had an opportunity to celebrate Christmas with some friends and I offered to bake everyone’s favourite dessert…a Christmas Cake.

Readers, as you know by now, that Cakeology journal is all about designer cakes and cake design or decorating ideas. Considering the fact that there are millions of cake-bake recipes available on the internet, I am here sharing only the pictures of those designer cakes which are practical and very handy to decorate.

I call the cake below a ‘christmas cuteness overload’. The cake base is a vanilla marble cake with alternate layers of blueberry and chocolate chips inside.

Christmas Cake

Coloured fondant paste, sugar balls and edible-colour sketch pens are used for cake designing.

This cake symbolises the love that brings a family together while they prepare for the christmas festivities.



Dear Readers, do you also find this cake super cute like I do?

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