a dream that keeps returning…

“Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life”- Anna Akhmatova

Hallo Readers!

Italy…italian towns…italian beaches…italian culture.. italian food – the whole country is a dream come true. You visit it once, and your soul will never feel satiated, till next visit. Our fondness to visit Italy, again,  increases manifold every time we are there.

Amalfi, and Positano have been on our ‘dream destinations’ list for a long time. And on our way, what we came across left us wonderstruck with its picture perfect scenery.

On this trip, Sorrento (you can refer to my last post on Sorrento: a gourmet) was our base location. It is easier to make Sorrento as a stay-base and then drive to Positano and Amalfi. Positano, a dream destination for many – may be an inspiration (we came across a couple of artists on a cliff getting inspired by nature around and brushing it down on the canvas), and for some a romantic honeymoon destination.

positano 1

positano 8


positano 5

positano 3After exploring the city on foot (the nearest car park to the city centre available to us was only 2 km away), relishing our lunch in one of the cafe and shopping some hand-painted tiles (inevitable 😉 ), we drove further towards Amalfi.

TIP: It is advisable to reserve a car park spot in advance. Also, carrying a set of comfortable footwear is always the best option while exploring Positano on foot, through  its meandering roads.

The drive from Positano to Amalfi is breathtaking. We felt like stopping after every couple of kilometres to enjoy the picturesque nature and discovered Praiano beach in the process.

praiano 1Short on time, we could only get a glimpse of this beautiful beach and managed to take a picture. Our drive towards Amalfi started again.

amalfi 1Having heard so much about Amalfi, I could not help keeping my hands off the camera (wanted to capture the whole town in a single frame 😉 ). Amalfi is as beautiful as it sounds…the fresh citric fragrance, the music of the waves hitting the rocks, tasty food, beautiful beaches, and not to forget my favourite Limoncello – all come in my dreams often inviting me to visit again.

amalfi 4“When life gives you lemons, make Limoncello 😉 ” Cheers!

amalfi 3

amalfi 7

amalfi 5

Our day ended in Sorrento with Limoncello shots toasting to the Italian Summers.


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