Mirror, mirror on the nails…

Hello readers!

Have you ever woken up to your cool nails and exclaimed, “wow! it’s a happy day today”.

It has happened with me the last weekend. From over a a couple of weeks, I have had a set of chrome nail-paint which I would see everyday and would think of applying it. The day finally came.

IsaDora ‘mirror-effect/ chrome nail paints’ was available in Douglas, Ludwigshafen, when I bought the whole set. It is a set of three – the base coat/ Wonder Nail, the chrome nail powder and chrome top coat. IsaDora Chrome nail paints are available in many colours, however, the one in the picture below is my favourite.


It is very easy to get the chrome nails done at home with this set.

First the Wonder Nail paint is applied and let dry for two to three minutes. Next, I have applied evenly the chrome powder (just a little runs the long way) on top of the dry coat of Wonder Nail. In the third step, the chrome powder is fixed with an application of Chrome Top Coat. And the last step is to wash of any excess powder from your fingers and hands, once the fixing top coat is completely dry.

The new ‘wow-factor or the mirror effect’ added to your hands is worth the splurge.



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