Introducing Gengenbach- house of the world’s biggest Advent Calendar

Introducing Gengenbach- a jewel in the crown of Baden Württemberg. This picturesque town is situated on the western edge of the Black Forest and is almost at an hour and a half drive from Heidelberg. The medieval town of Gengenbach, founded in the 13th century, still retains its traditional charm making it a popular tourist destination in the Black Forest region.

Beautifully decorated wall with special years to remember
Captivating Architecture
Altstadt Gengenbach
Altstadt artifact

We visited Gengenbach early spring this year. It was a short day trip for four hours when the colorful blooms, cobble streets, medieval architecture took our breadth away.

The top things to do in Gengenbach, besides being awestruck with its natural beauty, are to visit its Historical Altstadt, City Church Sankt Marien, the world’s biggest Advent Calendar (which is the city Rathaus or Town Hall with twenty-four windows, 20 plus 2 small windows on the top, representing those of an Advent Calendar) and to treat oneself to the lecker Black-forest Cake.

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World’s biggest Advent Calendar

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Ou trip to Gengenbach is still incomplete till we see the Town Hall decorated as the world’s biggest Advent Calendar. So, Gengenbach tops our list of the Weihnachtsmarkt 2017 destinations and I am sure that the next visit is worth the wait.


Thank you dear readers! Are you also crazy about the Blackforest Cake like I am?


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