Love at first sight – Dürkheimer Riesenfass

When the German wine route is so close to the home, the instinct to explore the same comes naturally.

Amongst its many towns on the wine route, Neustadt an der Weinstrasse and Deidesheim have been our repeat destinations. This spring a new addition to our list was Bad Dürkheim.

Bad Dürkheim is a Spa town in the Rhineland-Palatinate region of Germany. However, we went there to savour the famous Pfalz Wine and its local cuisine.

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“I would like to have a drink from this Giant cask” exclaimed my husband, while we were still driving through the Wine Route from Heidelberg. I could already see the excitement in his eyes. Only a small peek at the volume mentioned on the cask (1,700,000 ltr), left us to imagination. Now this is called ‘Love at first sight!’

So, we turned around and parked our car (there is a huge parking lot available opposite this restaurant). As we meandered our way towards the Fass, we realised that instead of wine it houses a big restaurant that can take up to 400 people….like really huge.

Amit’s excitement to drink while sitting inside the Giant Cask is so self-evident in this pic.

The Giant Cask is as captivating from inside as it is from outside. I would not write much about it, as at times it is better to visit a place and experience its uniqueness. The beguiling ambience and extravagantly laid up table banished any thoughts of photography from our spellbound spirits, before indulging ourselves in the delectable treat that the restaurant offered.

A snapshot of our table while leaving the restaurant.

The restaurant has an amazing menu that is very articulately engineered. With almost every selection of a dish mentioned on the menu card, is a recommendation of the wine that would best go with it. Without any delay, Amit chose the wine first. Boys will always be boys;) 😉 Cheers !!!

The menu also has a good selection for people like me who live under the Vegetarian sky.

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With our experience, we would love to come back to this restaurant which is par excellence in terms of its location, decor, service , food and drinks, value for money and its ambience.

Our next visit to the world’s largest Wine Barrel has already been planned for September this year, when the world’s biggest Wine festival (also known as the Dürkheimer Wurstmarkt) will be held.

Auf Wiedersehen!



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