Romancing the Skies of Switzerland-III

“…Switzerland… is all about epic journeys and sublime experiences” – Lonely Planet

Evening sky in Beckenried

My vision of an ideal world would remain incomplete without Switzerland mapped on it. There is no reason and no place not to like anything in a land of four languages, musical cowbells, mountain meadows, silk chocolates, crisp air and a feeling of being on the top of the world that comes whenever I am under the skies of Switzerland.

Picture-perfect Beckenried

Beckenried, is one of the many villages that falls on our route from Heidelberg to Italy. We first explored this picturesque village in 2012 while driving back home from Milan. It was love at first sight. 🙂 🙂

An Evening in Beckenried

Since then, Beckenried has always been a sojourn. This spring again, we drove through the picture-perfect village. Our favourite restaurant, Cafe Rössli still caters the best local cuisine in the area with a delightful service against a milieu so spellbinding.

Glistening Lake Lucerne

You would be thinking that why do they love to stop at Beckenried? Ah! It is not just to capture the view of a popular lake or to dine in restaurant Rössli, but also because this village holds a special place in my heart for this was the one where I had overcome one of my fears (as mentioned in my blogs).

FullSizeRender 3Beckenried is an easy to reach tourist destination and an ideal starting point for excursions round Lake Lucerne. Also, the cable cars (running to and from the centre of Beckenried) bring tourists up to Klewenalp.

At Klewenalp a large children’s park, a hiking route, a zoo, circular tours (approximately an hour and a half long on foot) of the panoramic view through meadows and pine forests or a round tour including a funicular ride and a boat ride to bring you back to the centre of Beckenried are amongst many of the activities available that keep us engaged.

Fare-ye-well beautiful Beckenried

We have always been here around the estival solstice, but have heard that the location also serves as a paradise for skiing and other sports in winters.

Dear readers, have you been to Beckenried during winters? How was your skiing experience at Klewenalp?

We look forward to visiting Beckenried again as our next ski destination and hope that the winter is coming really soon 😉


Bis dann, liebe Grüße!!!



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