Barbie Doll Cake

“Barbie has always been an inspiration. Dressing her was part of every girl’s dream.”-Reem Acra.

As a kid, many memories were created while playing with Barbie Dolls. And so it was nostalgic baking and decorating a Barbie Doll for a dear friend’s daughter. All my childhood memories kept flashing in at every step during the cake bake evening.

A Barbie Doll cake can be made with any of the two methods, as mentioned.

The first method includes making the skirt of the doll with the baked cake instead of fondant.

The second method is my preferred one.

TIP: The only drawback with the former is that once the cake is half served, the foil wrapped body of doll is visible, which triggers an imbalance to the aesthetics of the cake. 

Hence, employing the second method, the cake was made in three main steps.

First step being dressing up Barbie with fondant. It takes minimum four hours for fondant to set in, so it becomes important to dress up Barbie first and give fondant some time before proceeding to next step. This can also be done a day in advance.

TIP: The doll body is wrapped with clear clean foil so that the fondant does not leave behind any colour and the doll stays in the same condition after dressing up like it was before using it for the cake. 

Barbie Cake 1
Dressing up Barbie with Fondant

The second step is to prepare the base. I have baked a vanilla marble cake and arranged the layers alternatively with mango cream and fresh mint. It gives a fresh exotic flavour to the cake.

Barbie Cake 2
Preparing the cake base

In the third and the final step, the cake base is covered with fondant and embellished with edible paper flowers and edible pearls. And at last but not the least, the dressed up Barbie Doll is placed on the top of the base using edible glue and is presented to the sweetheart birthday girl.

Barbie Cake 3
The final assembled product.

With decorative designer cakes, a question that generally pops up is ‘how to cut or serve this cake’. With such assembled cakes, the dressed up Barbie or any big embellishments can be kept aside from the top and cake cutting or serving can be proceeded as usual.

This was my first Barbie Doll cake and I throughly enjoyed baking and decorating it.

How was your experience with the first Barbie Doll cake? Which method did you employ while making a doll cake? Please do post your comments in the comment box.


Bon Appetit!




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