About us

I am a travel craving soul who loves gourmet meals, movies, colorful bright festivals and a tad of fashion too. Born in February, I possess almost all the personality traits (and of course a bit of being unpredictable too;)  ) of an Aquarian. Having been associated with the luxury hotel industry (on professional front) for almost a decade, my belief in ‘luxury being a way of life’ got more firm over years. And by ‘luxury’ I mean not only the financial richness, but the happiness, sense of satisfaction, gratitude and integrity in one’s persona too. ‘Luxury’ has to be so good that ‘it’ can not be ignored.

Through this blog, my husband and I wish to share our travel experiences, and the hit-and-miss trials of our experiments in the kitchen.

The  ‘Travel Diaries’ link may engage you with our experiences from getting wonder-struck by the lush green nature, to getting fined, on the spot, for wrong parking too. Every journey undertaken, is a wholesome experience fun-filled and delightful.

We do dare to experiment a lot with the already famous recipes 😉 too. In the link ‘Yummy Delights’, we share the results of our experiments along with some hacks and tips for efficiency.

The ‘Beau Monde’ will take you through our rendezvous with the world of lifestyle and glamour.

‘Fanzine’ magazine is the most recent addition to this blog. It includes our journey from being the first-time guests and diner to becoming the all-time fans of the hotels and restaurants.

Hope you will love flipping through the pages of this journal.

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